/fēnd/    noun

- a person with an extreme addiction

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Handcrafted Earrings you HAVE to Have!


What kind of fiend are you?

        A music fiend? Fashion fiend? A book fiend? If you’re anything like Jessica, it’s all of those and EARRINGS.

        Jessica  Bloomingberg is the creator of Earring Fiend and HHIC (head handcrafter in charge). This Chicago native took to the streets in elaborate earrings so much that everywhere she went people would ask ”Did you make those earrings?’ After adorning her ears with many black women earring designers, she decided to become one herself! Pride is taken in handcrafting distinctive earrings for individuals that desire a bold aesthetic and that let their style speak for them.

         A mother of 3 boys, professional laugher and lover of life, Jessica holds a B.A. in Merchandising Management. She has worked behind the scenes on photo shoots & fashion shows and has extensive customer service skills. She has been featured at multiple Chicago events and was even an extra on the Fox series, Empire, twice!

        Earring Fiend is deeper than earrings. It served as a coping mechanism during a turbulent time in Jessica’s life. The internal beauty and confidence she wanted women to feel while wearing her earrings gave her the power to push through. She is passionate about women claiming and sustaining that power and knows aesthetics is one the most popular ways to achieve it. Earring Fiend, they are handcrafted earrings you HAVE to have, no matter the occasion. Whether it’s a night in for drinks, a casual outing or formal affair, let Jessica dress your ears!


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